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This is an online publication of Everday, a book from the future (more about it). It is available here in full, under a Creative Commons license, for reading and collaborative editing. For offline reading, download one of the formats linked in the sidebar on the left.

Read this first: Everday: The story

The rest is an alphabetic list of entries:

A   adverbially, aeroactive, agency, aging, airbrush, antimediocrity principle, archeology, arf, arf doctors, arf sculpting, arfgrass, art, art of face, artificium, asystemic, axial tilt

B   backslide, badminton, beam backup, beyond B, big trees, birthright, blur, book, breath, bubble, buttons on the back, byrunning

C   castle, celestial choreography, change, chasing, City, civic science, cleanup, cloud hunting, collaborativity, collective, compiler, complexity, cone, consensus, cooking, copyedit, cosmic leap, Crusoe index

D   deep sleep, dissolve, dreaming

E   eatfree, Encyclore, engage, enlove, entropy explosion, esnes, ethi, Everday, evolve, explay, eyesight

F   face, fadeout, fair, family, fandom, faraway, Farewell Forest, feelery, flags, flameo, fleedom, flight, forest, forever, fragility paradox, freeze

G   game of i, garden, grassgrowing, grazing, growth, guesthouse

H   hairtangle, hanging, haptic, hearing, home, homeless, human scale

I   inf, inly, Innerwald, inside the rock, intake, irony lagoon

K   knowledge

L   language, last emancipation, lazyball, leaving, Leaving, Library, life, lifemaking, lightfolk, lived, live ethics, lore

M   math, Message, metalinguistics, minds, mind mobility, mind window, mist, modernity, moleculization, monuments, motio, movable type, museum

N   namespace, nature art, nature minds, new arf, nomogenesis, northern summer, nostalgia, not a toy, notly, noweme

O   open childhood, own

P   panpraxis, past, pattern poisoning, poetry, poetry machine, project, propeller, puppet show

Q   quasium

R   random, reflective case, relife, residue, rething, the Road, roads, rusts

S   scare, science art, seasonal, sensy, slack, Slow, smell, something bigger, spam, sparsening, staylust, store, strangen, stream, streampoint, String, summer, sundrying, sun sneezing, superintelligence, systemity

T   teach, therisity, torque, travelers, treetops, truth, twilight call

U   understanding, undo

W   waking, will, window sill, wizard, world sleep


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