“adverb squared” (action modifier that denotes action modification): doing something — seeing it done — by “going with the flow,” only modifying that flow nondisruptively; not because it streams towards a destiny (usually doesnt) but for it being something you can walk and play withcollaboratively. With its connotations of gratification and benevolence, the word naturally fit the ethical principle that rose in art, engineering, lifemaking, gardening, inspired whole new artificia domains (experimental macrocompilers, theorized Nature Minds).  ■    Paradoxically, adverbiality enables intelligence to be more present in the fabric of the world — not less. The rise of adverbiality ethics — playing Maxwells demons to harness natural transitions, “finding yourself in what is” or about to be — has been interpreted as a sign that “weve achieved what we wanted from the world” or at least negotiated a truce; or it might be mere window sill instinct: acting adverbially is staying in the margins, inside as much as outside, cherishing the ease to leave either way.

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