a controllable swarm of interacting micro agents; the original “bots” — dumb, intrusive, polluting, “pecking sickeningly until shut down,” dying the systemic deaths of degradation and breakage — have dramatically evolved into the modern lightweight, decentralized (locally consensual), organically dissoluble cloudlets. ■    Arf — innately familiar to both Humans and Minds — is the universal agency platform providing deep materiality and understanding support. Typically, a task is modelled in an arf blob with its local memory and experience; a pinch of the blob is then dispersed (“feelery pollen”), surviving finishers collected back and analyzed for the next iteration. So long as theres improvement, agent generations enlarge, each correcting and continuing the work of their predecessors — as the task itself is shifting under them; dont plan for a final non-test run but simply wind it all down once the job is done enough. As an arf plant and its owner both gain skill, agency acts become faster and fluenter — “an unconscious reflex”: common use cases take a few overlapping, barely discernible spawns and finish in a blink. ■    Whether read-only (sensing, sampling, mapping) or actively tweaking (the watch/act boundary, at micro scales, is blurry anyway), most agencies are still penetrative — underground, air- or waterborne — but thats not a defining characteristic anymore: agency is simply any tool that “scripts reality” (as opposed to programming: scripting is building simple behaviors out of ready blocks). The art of breeding clement non-brute-force agencies is highly valued: approaching adverbiality, the perfect arfic emanation is but a trigger — it gets the work done by steering and amplifying fluctuations, by just-in-time and just-in-place confluences of natural processes that tracelessly dissolve when finished; watchfully it treads with no mass action taken without first measuring, testing, adjusting at all scales. For an agency, the world is a hierarchy of locally-linear trends to be strengthened or negated — like an aeroactive surface cancels out turbulence; snapping into uncontained non-linearity is always a danger if not for the locality and adverbiality of micro actions — “tiny dents that self-cure back to equilibrium.”  ■    Indispensable in archeology, biology, Earth sciences, arfic agencies are often invoked for daily chores — cleaning and restoration, freezing, cloudlights, sketching and marking (airbrush), simply filling space. Sweeping country-size agencies — massive collaborations once employed in cleanup and early gardening — are rare now, nature-going agencies tend to be perceptive (“extra sense”), short-lived, narrowly focused; for a Mind, a personalized mix of sensy clouds can be the ultimate window, its way to feel embodied — “ingrained into the planet.”  ■    “Go with the flow” is the first rule of agencying — but what if the flow, itself, is layers upon layers of past agency dabs; “almost a form of life,” agencies — like any tool — have unpredictable side effects and can be abused. “For want of agency youre a philosopher” but then it may render you more all-seeing than youd like — highlighting each lame gull or mutilated porcupine dying in a hole, revealing more suffering than you can thinkably help… would you censor the life churn striking too close to home, why or why not. With agencies digging ever deeper — opening more of the world to our senses — the exposure pain is doing more than any rational arguments to promote nomogenesis.

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