arf doctors,

traveling humans self-tasked with arf care — initiating upgrades, collecting and distributing strains across ownership boundaries, looking after abandoned plants; like human doctors of old, arf doctors carry remedies for ingrown plants and common arf diseases (sniffable from afar by aerial chemical signatures of arf in its various states). Also, when an upgrade comes out it wont deploy remotely — you need to graft some patched cells on your plant so the new genome can gradually replace the old; most plants are patched by their owners but its also the field season for the authors of the patch who take on the road to evangelize their work. “Agents of forced socialization,” doctors may be buttons on the back for the arf-ridden humankind: at this stage of the human/arf symbiosis, most arf deformities are at least partly attributable to a trouble with the plants' human owners — making arf doctor “just a euphemism.”

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