cloud hunting.

“Clouds mimic the styles of all ages — including those yet to come: you can glimpse a future just by looking up.” On a crispy day, in a coastal country of sun, wind, and vapor, watch the scattered dots of humans and homes in the sky — drifting by the towering cumuli, going in and out of the white, hanging in awe; roamers of the Earth are always on the lookout for the fleeting beauty: Where clouds are fairest I belong, my home is where the sea is bright. ■    Seeking the perfect cloudscape can be the ultimate undo: dont even budge as vistas morph around, stay to be blessed with your once-in-a-lifetime view; or it can be a sport that takes skill and luck to navigate breathfully through the restless masses — famous cloudhunters offer guided tours guaranteed, by the nature of the art, to be improvisations. Fully dimensional cloud recordings — a thriving nature art — are collected, anthologized, rated for impact and uniqueness; most of the genres classics, endlessly remixed and reinterpreted in narrative art, are serendipitous shots by amateurs but always-on skywatching sensors with feelery preselection also dot the fertile areas, popularized by a semi-legendary incident where a large cluster of feeleries was mysteriously disabled — allegedly blinded by a once-in-a-billion “beauty spike” which thus went unrecorded.

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