a trail of ripples inside Knowledge triggered by a commit — such as publishing a new book, fixing a typo, anything in between; the ripples may be actual or potential, intended or not — from immediate listeners (styling, categorizing, metadata) to remotest, unimaginablest, long-after bit flips many namespaces away — expanding and fading, cone-like, along the time and distance axes. The tip trigger of a cone is someones volitional act but the rest is largely automated — however hazy the distinction may be (e.g. an influential Mind's fleeting thought precipitating a public cone via her headcloud of direct-link feeleries).  ■    Cone braiding may well be a life's work: building, coordinating, twinning and twining, meaningifying actual and potential downcone trails — designing unlikeliest pipelines, seeding triggers for words that may never be said, notions impossible to develop (“not in our day and age”); conework — an amplified version of the old human “ideasphere” in which no thought dies traceless — hones Knowledges echo-chamber responsiveness which, for many, is what makes it live and worth living in. Only natural that others would choose, with or without a stated reason, to wall up — to block any “coning in” and/or “out” of their estates; and many only use the term negatively, e.g. “never in the cone” of something — unwilling “to even be aware.”

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