because there must be less copying (spam!) in the world: edit copies so they diverge, edit a singleton so it diverges with itself; theres no static perfection, everything can-so-should be optimized. Basest of collaborations, copyediting is not to censor the message or transpose modalities: youre helping better express what is already being expressed; nor to whitewash or solipsize — its exactly because everythings preserved, versioned, signed: the freedom to layer up without infringing. No need to read a thing through to know it — but you must try editing it, “to know is to doubt”; copyedit everything you touch (e.g. letters to yourself), always read with an active cursor: browse, savour, mix trees of edits from various namespaces — inject your own. (Classic texts accumulate so much copyediting as to make it hard to contribute: often after a few changes youll notice someone has trod the path before you; hence the notion of a “copyedit-complete” ideal that a piece of art slowly grows to fill.)

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