now more often stands for “free to eat” (or not, or to eat anything) than the original “liberated of eat.” Humans' autotrophic revolution not just minimized the need but extended the edible range to include most plant matter, with micro nutrients coming from inhaled pollen and dust (“airwhaling,” “moss cycle”) and with insolation as a critical, if not very efficient, energy supplement. Overall requirements being low (except in still-growing children), hardly anything is “staple food” anymore — you can be promiscuously accepting or extremely choosy without the bodys dictate; the new eating culture accommodates anything from total eatfree to elaborate homebrewery, revivalist cooking, or meditative grazing as a form of intake. “No longer have to stuff yourself thrice daily” (the overabundance of leisure was, at first, devastating) but the social functions of a meal survived, even strengthened: the simple acts of asking, giving, sharing are rarer so feel truer as sacraments — “ties that bond.” Rethinging of food from physiology into gift and wonder is as old as symbolic thinking but only the eatfree revolution sealed it up into reality — just as the fertility control had transformed sex.

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