fire byrunning: styles of flying dance with open fire, usually exercising speed of movement and perception: few can track a top flameo performance without slow-mo. The two main schools promote either an intense choreography of actively sculpting the flame (so it behaves “musically and geometrically”) or free-flame improvisations where stoked but organically unpredictable blaze-outs are the challenges to which the dancer responds.  ■    Environmentally costly, an overnight fire is often packed with invited performers. Traveling flameo pros (singles, groups) would start the fire and run their shows during its ascendance (choir stanzas punctuated by young fires cracks, thumps, hisses, the impossibly fast rhythm syncopated by dashes through the fiery blooms); amateurs, trainees, never-befores can then have the mature, gradually taming fire to themselves. Eventually (static poses, slow float-overs: dawn is near) everyone camps down around the fire to see it off: grazing over the ashes, intaking the dreamy heat, peering into the dying cinders.

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