a stratum of willful open-airers — mostly loners, rarer families or tribes: landcamping, visiting (guesthouses, fairs), briefly joining (collectives, communal castles) — but mostly crusoing, awander, in the wilderness. Homelessness is bigger than vagrancy: beyond mere shelterlessness, its lifting the pressure of plugged life so you can sort yourself out in silence; like sleep, it is “a very partial rebirth” — coneless self-listening: isolate, soak off in natures white noise, “unlearn to read faces,” cut yourself off store and communication “as if the world has ceased.” (“In an emergency, grow a terminal” out of your arf seed.) “Core schism” scares are hardly justified: the homed/homeless segregation only rigidifies at the fringes while the middle enjoys swingy lifestyles; “keep the escape hatch of leaving open,” know you can always flee your homes heavy self-amplification loops — only to return, after days or years on the road nowhence, with a renewed vigor to plug in.

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