inside the rock,

metaphor for the not uncommon fancy of retreating, really or imaginarily, into remote, isolated, unreachable spaces — deep sea ravines, forgotten corners of Innerwald, depths of unperturbed rock; not with a hubris of a pioneer explorer nor seeking shelter (though perhaps subconsciously) but to spite your powerful window sill instinct, to rein in your fleedom, to “partake in the passage of time” via immobility, isolation, monastic humility — ultimate undo; essentially, to drop out of the world timeline into your own (lack of) time: this felt much more desperate but was less achievable back when the “global context” domineered. Heres the allure of celestial choreographies and beam backup — escape by proxy: youre safely in your here-and-now but a part of you — your creation — is out there, deep in the unthinkable emptiness, inside the rock of near-eternity. The phrase can also be read as an oxymoron: “Its not an inside of a rock anymore after you crack it open to get in.”

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