purposeful — creative as much as methodical — “evolving of lifeways”: social experimentation, “privatized history,” value-system building, live ethics playfields and testbeds; that or, frustratingly, an outlet for “a pestilent kind of vanity” bordering on power lust. Lifemaking is often contrasted to mundane lorework in a fandom: “loremaker tailors a kings attire — lifemaker founds a new kind of kingdom.”  ■    From the early — vapid, naive — “sociotech” to a sustainable science that absorbed the fashion-driven psychology and philosophy of the era: lifemakers built much of the stream, shaped whole landscapes of art, spawned “workmaking” to treat the post-modernity “amotivation cancer”; later, suffered a predictable setback (“life is no game of i”), slowly and painfully built up immunity against the “manipulation freaks” they had unprecedentedly enabled. The most recent lifemaking revival partook in — at times, led — the adverbiality supertrend: to an observer from the past (compare the ancients' “life nurturing”) much of what works in life today would appear plain to the point of imperceptibility.

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