a structured, uniquely (often hierarchically) named knowledge domain; capitalized Knowledge is an agglomerate of overlapping namespaces. Ensouled by a (meta)collective, a living namespace is usually laid out centrally — a core book surrounded by derivative books, views and maps, feelery lineages, machinery of the cones; globally, meta-n-data fills a lot more storage than free data. A namespace may lie entirely within a cone of a distant classic source or its recent offshoot; you dont need to own what your namespace covers so long as a version of it is public: one of the uses of namespacing is to organize copyedit overlays for a source. Large (or struggling) namespaces establish elaborate permission scopes but most are either strictly personal or open/writeable by all; an aging namespace grows noncompact, its elements drift incompatible, pulled apart by the young growth outside: slowly it freezes, starts to sink with the versioned layers of everything its been linked to.

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