something bigger,

a class of responses to the cosmic silence paradox — or, equivalently, to a realization of how small our civilizations remembered history and experienced space are: we imagine “something bigger” to step up when (if) were not around anymore, we meaningify the bignums by treating us-so-far as a first stanza in a much larger, unthinkably different — therefore incomprehensible, even imperceptible by us — story (Nature Minds, world sleep, panpraxis). With its recognizable “blinding light” of beyond B, it may be a second-act (puppet show) reaction to the “tautology of evolution” — whose only explanation ever is the unhelpful “things are like that because they could stay like that long enough to be seen”; ourselves an uneasy product of random rambling, we thirst for a grand, momentous, perfectly inevitable transition to befall us — to shed our insignificance once and for all; that, or accept the civilizations mortality as we accept our own — even cherish its eventual (if partial: world sleep) death.

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