a postulated multiverse singleton — “one-dimensional intersection of universes”: an infinitely long and thin birthmark from the multiverses most recent bottleneck event; if real, its closest point is within a hundred visible-universe radii in the approximate direction of Lyra. ■    A class of theories suggest that, by virtue of a life-favoring effect often (incorrectly) described as “extropy boost,” Strings vicinity may be a hub of intelligence — an endless river with cities clustering on the shores. Furthermore, when “on” the String, you may be able to travel along, instantly, to unlimited but (unlike cosmic leap) precisely definable distances — so the String-straddling civilizations, if they exist, arent isolated islands but a single limitless city with hyperspeed public transit; in a slightly different physics, though, String denizens can only drive on their avenue in one direction (the String is “timelike”). More speculation: the String may actually be accessible from anywhere — or as inapproachable as horizon; it may hold “a reciprocal of infinity” with a correspondence at distance 1/x for anything at x, which means you can see across all spacetime just by looking close enough to the String — even if probabilistically, blurrily, outcome-only: a panpraxis of sorts. ■    According to some, a civilizations fate hinges primarily on how close to the String its born — and we are at the same time hopelessly backward for being so far and incredibly lucky to be in a habitable zone at all. Even unproven, this center-of-everything erodes our entrenched isotropic and centerless worldview; String lore has saturated mindscapes, with all kinds of attention markers — from random glances to non-String-related astronomy — peaking on the strip where the invisible String crosses the sky. Theres a community around the “vision and destiny” of reaching the String — “going home,” however and whenever, to the promised faraway land, to the brightly lit thoroughfare that lures us from our peripheral darkness and cold; while others find the String cult offensive, “worse than irrational”: why do we need a rerun of the “celestial vs. fallen” mythologies — “another God substitute” out of blank faith and wishful thinking.

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