sun sneezing,

a signature issue in Change wars (“beware of optimizing yourself out”): an assumed defect that not everyone is eager to get rid of — something that, if undone, “depletes the universe.” (Classic) art is often summoned to vouch for or against changeability of a bodily aspect: stay away from what has been immortalized — not necessarily longingly — in literature, painting, cinema; indeed synesthesia, twilight call, photic sneezing reflex (and sneezing in general: “nothing as natural as a sneeze,” even as liberating) have been arted enough to be considered protected. “Authors of the past holding us hostage” — but the new human turned out very superficially predicted by past art; new art is a drafting board, a canvas for the whole human self-image from ethics down, making Change a collaborative art undertaking in its own right — daring and conservative (depending on measure), with competing body canons evolving and convolving in myriads of inspired dabs. Where to stop, if at all? What is or isnt a disease, deformity; are we “playing with ill” just for the thrills? E.g. digestion: “much arted in the top half,” always blindspotted at the bottom — is it “slowly and painfully” (the eatfree divide “broke more families than a war”) gone because we so loathed it or simply because we could?

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