a core verb in knowledge and lifemaking; once a compartmentalized profession, teaching — infecting with understandings — came to be seen as universal as, and inseparable from, doing: “I teach X” cannot fail to imply “I do X.” Having just understood something is a boost to your “teach charge” — which is a proxy for the overall cognitive health; teaching has grown into a major source of air for Earth roamers: if not so fawned over as creating, it is much more accessible and sustainable (guess why weve invented so many ways to unlearn). Teaching and learning proclivities correlate, have been selected-for sociobiologically (“married a pupil”); the “teach imperative” (“keep yourself teachable,” “learn to teach so you can learn to learn”) powers the global stream: Road networkers, open childhood evangelists incite lecturing, evolve and spread docilects, connect fresh understanders with those in need of explanations — besiege remotest and reclusest abodes.

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