of Earths forests, once touted as a habitat for the newly lightfoot nonpolluting humanity: here was a promise of “homedness without groundedness” (what the ungrounded home eventually became), a final synthesis of the rural/urban divide, a return — regress? — to the arboreal, “pre-savannah, pre-bipedal” Eden (“back where we started,” the whole down-from-the-trees era being “an agricultural episode” — A History of Humans: from Ape to Sloth). There is a thinly spread population of tree elves in ungardened forests and big trees (arf nests on branches, motio trained to navigate dense organic entwinements, human/tree lifecycles coordinated: a seedling planted for a child born) but more often treetops are a getaway — slowly swimming in the luminous rustle, starlight-soaking from the window sill of fragrant depths under the open sky.

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