twilight call,

the staylust of the day: the recurrent urge — peaking before sunset — to stop and drop, shut up and go out, inhale; the evening restlessness that pulls you off and out and up, none the easier to resist for its being regular. This was the first of the many calls: statistically significant, even if lacking an obvious pragmatic or evolutionary driver, bumps in the attraction space associated with seasons, localities (often cusps or boundaries), biomes; known for centuries and variously rationalized (e.g. dog-walking in the early evening), they were thoroughly mapped and put to use in lifemaking. A window sill of the diurnal cycle, an interregnum of transparent quiet between the deafening sun and whispering stars, twilight may be the most peopled hour outdoors as nighters and dayers overlap: sparse waves of sunset chasers sweep the sky, day-stayers shoot skyward — dip in the last rays to slowly descend or drift eastward into the night.

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